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Default Re: ~Pokemon~ The Dimension Riders

Originally Posted by Elemental Brotherhood View Post
Sorry, just got your PM.

I dunno. I only kinda get the plot. Are you saying that Pokemon that can be captured and such are all Dimension Riders?


Pokemon Dimension/PMD? <-------> Human (R/B/Y/G/G/S/C/R/S/E/D/P)?

Or Pokemon (R/B/Y/G/G/S/C/R/S/E/D/P) <----------> Human (Our world, without Pokemon)

Or is it something completely different?

Looks quite good, but I'm a bit confused.
The one I bolded is right. This will also include a few Fakemon from my region, so I'll post their pics. Also, only some Special Pokemon are Dimension Riders, and they can be told apart from normal ones by their unique characteristics. Like, a Dimension Riding Houndoom's Skull (On the neck) can be a different colour or something like that. If a Dimension Rider is touched by a Pokeball, it means that they have to stay in the Human World to accompany their Trainer, thus being a normal Pokemon without unique characteristics. I hope that clears it up for you and thank you for replying here. I'd appreciate it more if you'd just tell me if I should continue or not.
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