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Default ~Pokemon~ The Dimension Riders

This is my idea for a new fan fic. It's about special Pokemon who can freely travel between the Human World and the Pokemon World. These are called Dimesion Riders, and their species differs. In the Human World they are stray Pokemon who usually have characterisitics that differ from normal Pokemon. Though they are small changes, humans that have a sharp eye usually detect the Dimesion Riders abnormality and capture them. From this they lose their abilities to travel back into the Pokemon World, but if they're befriended and do not even touch a Pokeball, they remain as Dimension Riders. Some Evil People befriend these Dimension Riderss and command them to take other Abnormal Pokemon to the Human World. After that they keep them and soon they have a collection of rare Pokemon with Distinguishing characteristics. Okay, here's my first part:

He ran, nothing could stop him, not with them hot on his scent. The growling went louder, he ran faster than ever, not seeing the tree in his path. Dodging it slowed him down, he knew this day would come, the Houndoom on his trail, it couldnít have any other reason, yes, and they were taking him, to the Humanís world...

What do you think? Should I continue?

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