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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

I made a change to Wolf Sonic. I just discovered he has claws X.X
Changed Side+B and Down taunt. Didn't feel like editing the old one...(I never got comments on Shadow or Wolf Sonic)

Name: Wolf Sonic
Series: Sonic
Adventure- Get bitten by werewolf
Otherwise, available from beginning.
Up+B: Spike Crusher (Launches himself upward with head downwards so quills are exposed to catch any opponent, throws his head backwards at end to launch opponent)
Side+B: Super Slash (Slashes claws at opponent)
B: Bite (Bites the opponent, obviously.)
Down+B: Hedgehog (Back to the hog we all love)
Final Smash: Sonic Howl (Unleashes a blue howl that look like sound waves which continues for 5 seconds, rather lethal, but not always. You are unable to escape once caught.)

Up taunt: Howls.
Side taunt: Bites to both sides.
Down taunt: Slashes at ground while growling in rage.
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