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Default Re: Eeveedude's Graphix Emporium {Please request}

Originally Posted by O-suchin the Magikarp View Post
Hello!! I seem to remember you...

Size:(Regular is 400x115) Regular
Pictures(Must supply):
Border(y/n)(color): No thanks.
Text: The Gambler of FATE
Font: A nice cursive-like font.
Color of text: Black
Other: If you need a smaller image of the Background, I'll be pleased to supply it.

~Cidd the Wise~
Sorry for the wait, I've had a very busy week but now that school is over I can get back to work. Here is your banner. I also figured out a way to get white text.

Originally Posted by Shadow of Time View Post
Well it sorta matters because that Dailga is evil and my username is suppose to represent him, but if you can't find it then regular Dialga will be ok.
I'll try my best.
Ask me to Ref if you see me online!

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