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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

"Nice team. It's really balanced. I don't think we'll be catching anything today. I think that there's some sort of intro." Replied Shiro, stroking Kiba. Howl twitched slightly and turned around. The safari teacher was standing right behind them with a glameow by her side. Kiba growled at the cat-like pokemon but it ignored him, its gaze fixed on the three students in front. "An introduction hm?" She asked haughtily, going to the front and motioning for everyone to take a seat.
"I trust everyone knows how to catch and train pokemon..." She started, looking around. " There are three areas. one is the training ground. This is an area of field just over there where you can train your pokemon." She waved in the direction of a fenced off field. "And over there is the catching ground. This is an untouched area of forest we have fenced off for students to catch new pokemon. There will be competitions and even prizes." Her glameow wiggled it's tail in the direction of the large forest. "And the resting area. This one also speaks for itself. Now, split into groups of about three or four and decide where to go first. If you want you can stay during lunchtime." The teacher ended her speech and sat sat a table, watching the students as they walked off.
"Howl, Johnny. Lets be in a group together!" Shiro jumped up and let out her other two pokemon and ruffled Kyuubi's fur. Howl stood up and smiled at her pokemon before letting out her others. "Where to, Johnny?" Asked Shiro, not bothering to contain her excitement.
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