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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

Adam looked around... no teacher.
"Huh? Where's the teacher." Adam looked around at everybody who was talking to each other. Adam felt alone as he knew nobody here. Adam sighed. Croagunk shot out of his pokeball. "croagunk what are you doing? Get back in." Croagunk just turned around and ran off. "AHHH! CROAGUNK GET BACK HERE!" Adam chased the speedy little frog. By the time croagunk had reached the front of the school Adam had to stop and take a breather. He could see croagunk had approached a trainer who was about to walk through the front of the school. Croagunk stood there staring from the gallade to the ditto to the human. croagunk walked over to the ditto and started prodding it gently like jelly fascinated by the jelly like body it had.
"Hey croagunk don't do that its rude!" And Adam once again started running towards croagunk.

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