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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

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OOC: Safari class is where you go to the feild behind the school and you train and catch pokemon. The teacher gives prizes for the best newly-caught pokemon. you don't have to keep the pokemon you catch here.

IC: "My starter pokemon?" replied Shiro as they walked into the back feild where the teacher was waiting. " Well...I got Twitch, the zigzagoon, and Kiba, the houndoom, at the same time. But i guess i worked hardest with Kiba becasue he needed the most training back then so I guess you could say that it was Kiba. And you?" Both Howl and Shiro sat down at the desks.
OOC: sorry its short

"Well my first pokemon was Swampert when he was a Mudkip and Charmeleon was my Dad's but he gave him to me 2 years ago and I caught Eevee when i was on my way to get a gym badge," Johnny responded.

"Do you think you'll catch any pokemon today?" he asked Shiro.
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