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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

Adam sat in the boat. He had come a long way from sinnoh and was on the boat heading towards his new school to train to become a pokemon trainer. His croagunk sat there resting his head on Adam trying to get some sleep. He looked at his pokegear reading the message his mum had just sent him, it read: "when you get off the boat head for the nearest pokemon center and heal your 3 pokemon. they must be awfully tired after that long journey you've had. Hopefully by the time school finishes we'll be there to pick you up and take you to our new home. Dad's just packing right now and in 5 minutes we'll be at the airport leaving. Be good and say hi to croagunk, shinx and buizel for me. Bye!" Adam looked at his poketch... OH NO! He had already missed the 1st lesson and it was only a few minutes until his 2nd. He nudged croagunk to wake up.
"Come on we've gotta go!" Adam looked around by the looks of it the boat looked like it was going 1 mile per hour. In the far distance Adam could see the town he needed to get to.
"Sorry croagunk i need you to return." In saying so croagunk frowned as he was returned into the pokeball.
"C'mon out buizel!" Buizel splashed right into the ocean and Adam jumped in with him grabbing on his paw.
"Lets get to that town!" In that instant Buizel zoomed through the water right to the town.
A few minutes later and they had reached the pokemon centre where Adam's pokemon were healed. Adam looked at his poketch. "AHHH! only 5 minutes until Safari class starts." Adam grabbed his pokeballs and fled. As he ran out of the centre somebody walked infront of him.
"oops sorry excuse me please."
"I don't think so." Adam had a bad feeling about this guy as he looked very shady. "You're gonna be a volunteer for our little experiment whether you like it or not. Zubat go!" Adam quickly grabbed a pokeball knowing what this meant.
"C'mon out shinx you know what to do!" As soon as his eyes met zubat Shinx growled.
"zubat use leech life."
"oh no you don't Shinx dodge and then thunder shock at the same time." Shinx dodged the leech life and shocked zubat so hard that in an instant it fainted.
"I'd love to stick around but I've got a lesson to get to. C'mon shinx great work." Shinx smiled as Adam gave him a pokeblock. As he ran he quickly passed Shiro, johnny and howl.
"oops sorry if I bumped into you." He said not knowing who he might have bumped into on the way to class. "I just hope i'm not late at all!" Adam said to himself while running through the hallway.

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