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Default Re: Jr's Reffing Book

#88 [AIM]

Ataro vs. crazy231

No items
No helds
Normal Terrian
Normal Weather
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause

Ataro with Ambipom, Crobat, Metagross, Mismagius, Sceptile & Infernape
crazy231 with Tyranitar, Yanmega, Gengar, Infernape, Exxegutor & Rhyperior

In the beginning both of them looked quite strong. But the set-up of Stealth Rock by Tyranitar did a lot of damage to Ataro's whole team and let him only have few possibilities, along with the Sandstorm that raged from Tyranitar as welll. Within a few turns Ambipom was twittled down to just about half its full health, Yanmega had been switched in by then. Both of them just to up their stats, one failed, as Yanmega came glorous of that small fight. Crobat came in after that and destroyed Yanmega with some flying typed moves. Tyranitar, once again, came in and tried taking out Crobat with some rock moves, but fell victim to Confusion and Attraction. Tyranitar switched out of its peril state and in came Infernape. Crobat took out the firey-ape with some Air Slashing, Gengar came in a Psychic'd the sludge-bat to death.

The second part of the battle was a lot of switching, and Stealth Rock damage on both sides of the field now. Both sides of the mons slowly lost health from the sandstorm that never seemed to letup. In the end Mismaguis was left to face a full healthed Rhyperior which is fainted, a Tyranitar with small health and an untouched- in this battle- Exxegutor. Mismaguis tired to sleep its way through the remaining Pokemon, but it failed and a mighty Crunch from Tyranitar knocked it out.

crazy231 wins and gets $1,000
Ataro loses and gets $500

I should get $3,000 for reffing.

Salary: $89,000
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