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Default Re: Jr's Reffing Book

#65 [AIM]

EmBreon vs. May Norman

No items
No helds
Normal Terrian
Normal Weather

EmBreon with Piloswine
May Norman with Monferno

PiEaNdChIpS678 (12:20:18 AM): Flamethrower
OnlineHost (12:20:22 AM): PiEaNdChIpS678 rolled 1 100-sided die: 9
PiEaNdChIpS678 (12:20:24 AM): brn
PiEaNdChIpS678 (12:21:00 AM): Piloswine uses EQ
PiEaNdChIpS678 (12:21:27 AM): Monferno 47.59% | Piloswine 23.64% [BRN]
PiEaNdChIpS678 (12:21:29 AM): Moves?
onlyemmalee (12:21:48 AM): Same O_O
ShadowedF (12:22:25 AM): Flamethrower
PiEaNdChIpS678 (12:22:35 AM): Monferno uses Flamethrower
PiEaNdChIpS678 (12:22:39 AM): KO
PiEaNdChIpS678 (12:22:41 AM): gg

That's the battle, without the side-chatting.

May Norman wins and gets $1,000
EmBreon loses and gets $500

I should get $500 for reffing.

Salary: $65,500
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