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Default Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

Originally Posted by Kenneth_Hardy View Post
It's from Haze, an soon-to-be released 'HALO killer.'

Also, playing SFA3Max.
I think the PS3 already got it's Halo killer, it's called Resistance.

You remember how Killzone was the acclaimed Halo killer? And how it failed on that premise, but was still a decent game? Resistance has just focused on being a great game, period. And in turn, has unknowingly become Sony's answer to Halo.

Resistance 2 will blow all other shooters out of the water, simply. It'll feature solid, fluid controls, benchmark graphics, a refined sci-fi story, 60-player online, and a wealth of replay an unlockables like all Insomniac games do. And it'll be mine on release day!
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