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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

Shiro finished talking to Tyson and turned to another boy who had started a conversation just as the bell rang. "Um...It was OK but we still lost. We don't train at two in the morning unlike Howl." She directed the last sentence at her cousin, who was coming over with Kyuubi. "So, what about you?" Shiro asked, tossing Kiba's pokeball from hand to hand before letting him out again. "He forfeited." Howl said, stroking Kyuubi on the head. "The health of his young eevee came before winning." She turned to Johnny. "That's one of the most important things if you want to become a great trainer." She said, Kyuubi growling in agreement.
"Come on. We can talk on the way to Safari Class." Smiled Shiro, turning to leave the room. Howl followed and made sure that her shoulder bag was tightly zipped up.
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