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Default Re: [REGION] .:.:The Hygor Region:.:. *Don't Post Yet*

you asked me to help with your dex. 'kay!

A Shell Pokemon
A Crab Pokemon
A Dolphin Pokemon
A Tree Pokemon (Not Like Turtwig Line, Like, Just A Tree, Not Like Tree Dinousaurs)
A Scorpion Fossil Pokemon (I Could Make The Fossil Item If U Want)
A Family Of Food Pokemon (A Banana-Apple-Orange, Donut-Coke-???, Like Off Those..Mint Ads On TV, If You Seen Them :P)
A Panda Pokemon (Ill Make It :P)
A Pile Of Dust Pokemon (Lol, I Can Make It)
A Flying Eevee Evo
A Poison Eevee Evo
A Ghost Eevee Evo

Thats All I Got!, Im Workin On The Pile Of Dust One :P



No Name


^Just Made For Ju!^ Dustaua

Cresea (From Left To Right, Normal, North, South, East, West) (You Might Need to Recolor Outline...)

Clourd (Related To Wingulls)

Happunny (Related To Buneary)

Ghostaei (Many Colors, Pick One, Female and Male Forms) (Possible Relation To Shuppet)

Oddaisuu (Evo Of Oddish If Using Aroma Stone Once Its Level 30+

Saphirug (Evolves Into Rubicoon, Then Emerafly)


And If You Want To Put Old Pokemon in Your Dex Go To My PMD Comic For A Ralts And A Pikachu, Colored In Dark-Oldish Colors, But You May Recolor In Their Normal Colors And Give Full Cred To Me

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