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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

Howl and Kyuubi both noticed the eevee make lots of holes and then blast shadow balls through them. Kyuubi started to dodge but accidentally placed herself over one of the holes. As the shadow ball came out of it, He was lifted up. He looked at Howl for guidance and she nodded. "Take advantage, Ky." She said to him as he floated past her head rather quickly. After he reached the ceiling, the vulpine(fox-like) pokemon leapt onto one of the support beams of the ceiling. He waited until all of the shadow balls had crashed into the ceiling before coming down and landing on all fours. Howl whistled at him and he shoved his muzzle into the nearest hole, taking only one extremely light step. Then he opened his mouth and let loose a huge Hyperbeam. The attack crashed through the tunnels made by the eevee, parts of the attack emerging from the holes and continuing up. Both trainer and pokemon were sure that the battle was over.

Shiro studied the blaziken's next move and decided what to do. "Kiba!" Fire a flamethrower directly at the blaziken! Don't move! If we're lucky and powerful enough we can knock him out of the sky!" Kiba obeyed but he was distracted by a stone stuck between the pads on his back paw. He tried to fire the flamethrower but it missed completely, rocketing off into the air where it gradually died out. Kiba braced himself for the blow and was knocked out completely by the powerful attack. "Kiba!" Shiro cried, running over once it was safe. The fire type was okay but unable to battle anymore. Shiro smiled and returned him, standing up and approaching the trainer. "Nice battle." She said, holding out her hand and smiling at him. "Your Blaziken was really strong!" She glanced at her watch and noticed that there was about four minutes until the bell would ring.
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