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Default Re: Jr's Reffing Book

No Items
No Hold Items
Sleep Clause
Rain Weather
Mountain Terrain

Canalave City Gym Battle!


Leader Canis Lupus VS. Team Overkill
Rhyperior, Lucario, Metagross VS. Jolteon, PorygonZ, Pichu

Rhyperior started out by Roaring out TO's mons (Porygon and Pichu).Jolteon yawned Rhyperior though, so CL switched it for Lucario
Lucario Swords Danced, and killed Pichu and Jolteon, but was in turn killed by PorygonZ. PorygonZ stalled with Recover and 2 Defense Curls, but soon lost PP, and was beaten by Metagross

Canis Lupus- $2000
Team Overkill- $1000

ATF reffed most of this, he should get $1000
I (Jr) should get $500

Total Salary- $47500
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