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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

As Johnny was about to shout a command, an Espeon and an Umbreon ran onto the field and huddled around Eevee as if protecting it. Their trainer came in a few seconds later and cleared things up. The trainer recalled his pokemon and Johnny's battle could continue.
"Eevee, use Dig" Johnny ordered. Johnny had something different in mind and wondered whether or not his Eevee remembered what he had taught her. He had taught Eevee that whenever she was to use Dig, that she was to make various holes, instead of attacking the opponent from below.
Eevee seemed to remember and shortly after tunneling into the ground she popped out and went below again. This happened repeatedly until the whole field was covered in holes.

Johnny smiled and said,"Now Eevee, use Shadow Ball!"

Eevee used Shadow Ball many times from underground. Many Shadow Balls emerged from different holes each time, which would require Ninetales move around a lot in order to not get hit. Then, Eevee emerged from a hole right behind Ninetales and as it jumped towards Ninetales, its tail began to glow as it used Iron Tail. Johnny clenched his fists and hoped that his pokemon's attack would hit.
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