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Originally Posted by Sceptile Frost View Post
I would actually say that the third one seems the most off to me. The first one makes sense if you're just advancing the story, whilst if you're trying to build up a serene or romantic theme the second would be better.

Describing isn't a science. It's more of an art. It depends on your writing style and what you are describing. Some people like it drenched in description (ala The Scarlet Letter), while others prefer to be imagining most of the story. There is no perfect amount.

In my opinion, you want to describe everything that is necessary, and then a little more on top of that to deepen your scenes. You want to use your description as a tool to set the mood, advance the plot, characterize. For example, if you're in a characters room or maybe even a room in the PC on their journey, what they have most visible (or set out in the second case) can reflect their character. Likewise, a paragraph or two of say, Brendan and May walking along the pier arm and arm, admiring the beautiful setting, could set the mood.

Obviously if you're describing a key item to the plot (an orb or ring or master ball or a legendary), you will want to go in depth. If it is that important, you want your readers to have a vivid image of it.
Good point.


NEW ADVICE ON DEESCRIPTION: Use a lot when necessary, use a little when necessary. But don't go overboard, and don't just say "They ate." unless it's a special case, like the end of a chapter or something. You should decide on how much description to apply to a sentence or a situation based on what it is, and how much the reader may know about it. For example:

"The Blopblorgs leaped onto the building, causing a gopdop-sized tremor to appear."

I know this is a rather silly example, but let's face it, who would know what a Blopblorg is!? Nor do we know exactly how large a gopdop is. This may be an appropriate time to add heavy detail and split a single sentence into multiple ones, unless these things were described earlier in the story. In that case, little or medium description is best.
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