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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

Shiro grinned excitedly and dashed down to face her opponent. Kiba was even more excited and started firing random flames everywhere. Shiro quickly hushed him and began the battle by yelling " Kiba! Get up high and use Iron Tail!" Kiba growled happily and leapt up, his tail glowing a bright white.

Meanwhile, Kyuubi hadn't noticed the evvee's disappearance and continued running. Howl's usually sharp eyes were clouded by the dust and she couldn't see her pokemon. The next thing she saw was her ninetails flying out of the rising dust cloud, trying to conjure a flamethrower attack to blast away the shadow ball that had caught her unaware. She crashed against the wall and slid down. "Ky!" Howl shouted, instinctively stepping forward to help. Then she remembered how tough she'd helped Kyuubi grow. She smiled as the pokemon got back up and shook itself off. "Ky...Be lighter on your feet. You could have dodged that one." She said seriously. As the dust cleared she saw two freshly dug holes, probably made by the eevee. Howl nodded at her ninetails, who stood stock-still, waiting for the next attack.

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