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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

Tyson stood up and looked at Shiro and then down at Kiba. He wasn't sure which pokemon to choose. He folded his arms and looked down, thinking of a plan. He looked up, ran over to the second battle field and yelled out:
"Lets go, Blazekin!
With a giant flash of white light, and muscular Chicken like pokemon came out. He looked at his surrounding, and with a great battle cry, got in his battle stance, wrist-a-blazing. Tyson looked over at Shiro and motioned with his hand to hurry up.

Sierra looked down at her students. She then realized the phone was ringing. She ran over to it to find the Principal on the other line. He told her why the other two students ran off and they were heading back to her class. She turned around to see them already behind her. She decided that since everyone else had a partner, they would have to battle each other. She told them what to do and to hurry up and do their 1-on-1 battle. She then decided to tell the students that:
"Tommorrow, you can challenge who ever you want. Even me if you feel the need to prove yourself. If your battle is not over before the bell rings, it is a draw. I will see you all later for the contest class!"
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