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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

Johnny was sure that the Shadow Ball would hit, but Ninetales quickly evaded the attack and counterattacked with Flamethrower. Ninetales did this so quickly that Johnny had no time to give an order to Eevee so she can dodge. Luckily for Johnny, Eevee was a relatively young pokemon and she was also very timid. At the first sight of the Flamethrower, Eevee quickly dug into the ground and began to shiver in fear. As she felt the heat of the Flamethrower pass over the hole she just dug, she began to tunnel around in hopes of catching Ninetales off guard. Eevee did not battle much and when she did she would hide as soon as the opponent launched an attack. This usually was a bad thing because it made her predicatable, but this time it worked to her advantage. Eevee heard Ninetales running in a circle above her and tunneled up to the spot she was going to be in. As she stuck her head out of the ground, she launched a Shadow Ball from about 2 feet away from Ninetales.

The whole time Eevee did this, Johnny just stood there amazed by his pokemon tunneling under ground at the appropriate time for once and launching a sneak attack from below.
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