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Default Re: Jr's Reffing Book

#13 [AIM]


Leman vs. Canis Lupus

No Items
Held Allowed
Sleep Clause
Raining Whether
Ocean Terrain

Canis Lupus with Togekiss, Jolteon & Ludicolo
Leman with Ludicolo, Starmie & Swampert

Ludicolo's both started it off, both using Fake Out on the first turn. Then they both used Toxic, one of which missed. That's where things got bad for Leman. My dice just owned him left and right. Flinch rolls, bad Sleep Talk. Once Togekiss got Nasty Plot in it ran over all over Leman's mons. Knocking out each of them.


Canis Lupus defeats Cerulean and gets TM Brine, Cascade Badge & $2,000
Leman fails to defend his gym and gets $1,000

I should get $1,500 for reffing.

Salary: $12,500
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