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Default Re: Jr's Reffing Book

#8 [AIM]

Kitty-chan vs. pokeking1

No Items
No Helds
Normal Terrian
Normal Weather
Sleep Clause

Kitty-chan with Blastoise, Jolteon
pokeking1 with Blaziken, Metagross, Dragonite

Blaziken was taken out because of the rain that Jolteon summoned made Thunder hit all of the time. Metagross came in and was paralyzed by the Jolteon, in which fainted from a Meteor Mash, the paralyzed Metagross' Hammer Arms just kept missing on Blastoise. Blastoise's Surf and Hydro Pump were enough to take out Metagross. Ice Beam finished the Dragon.

Kitty-chan wins and gets $1,000
pokeking1 loses and gets $500

I should get $1,500 for reffing.

Salary: $8,500
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