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Default Re: Jr's Reffing Book

#6 [AIM]

Noob Of All Noobs vs. magick kid390

No items
No held
Normal Terrian
Normal Weather
Sleep clause

magick kid390 with Ambipom & Electrivire
Noob Of All Noobs with Infernape & Breloom

Amibipom Screech'd the opposing Infernape, giving chance for a Brick Break which lowered Ambipom's HP greatly. Another BB finished off the monkey, but not before it got in a Double Hit. Electrivire came in and took out the ape with a Quick Attack. But Spore and Seed Bomb was too much for the electric thing to handle.

Noob Of All Noobs wins and gets $1,000
magick kid390 loses and gets $500

I should get $1,000 for reffing.

Salary: $6,500
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