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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

The teacher started to give instructions and all of the kids sat down together. Howl put away her book and Shiro leaned over to Johnny. "Sinnoh...Eterna City." She whispered so the teacher wouldn't catch her talking. Then she noticed another boy, Tyson, and looked at the number in his hand. " Hey." She said. "Guess I got you as a partner. Do you want to start now?" She returned two of her pokemon but left out Kiba, petting him behind the ears.

Howl listened quietly to the teacher and then Johnny and nodded. "Sure." She stood up and jumped over the other desks until she was standing in the arena. Kyuubi followed her example and mumbled softly. "Nine..." He whispered to no-one in particular. There were three different 'courts' where the battles would take place and Howl chose the first one, positioning herself where the trainer stands and asking Kyuubi to stand behind her. "You coming?" She called, holding her other pokeballs.

OOC: In battle class you basically battle whoever the teacher says...when you're kidnapped you have to escape and get back to school( you might want to warn people too- so that we can get to the 'special' training I put in the sign-ups) and I can't remember exactly how many students there are. You'd have to look that up in the sign-up. And we can have the first kidnapping and fusing at about lunchtime at the earliest. Lunch is after the second class.

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