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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

Tyson ran into the arena.
"FINALLY, i made it! This place is like a maze!"
he saw there was a sigh up table and a bowl of numbers. He sighned in aand picked a number.
"20, nice."
He saw three people already waitting in the arena and decided to join them.

"Alright people! My name is Ms. Sierra Canino. You may address me as Ms. Canino or sierra if you prefer."
The four students sat down on the seats.
"This, as you must know, is the battle class. I will teach you how to defend your pokemon as well as attacking others. This includes Types, Abilities...(she went on for another 40 minutes) Now you must be wondering what your numbers are for. They will decide your battling opponet for tommorrows class. Since there is four of you, cause the other boy is gone, anyway, the two highest numbers will face eachother and the two lowest numbers will face each other. Simple? Yes! Find your buddy and get to work. You may ask me any questions about me or my pokemon."
With this comment her Machamp flexed, while venomoth played with Bellomsom.
"You have about 15 minutes until the end of class. So, get to work!"
She sat down in a chair and gave her Machamp a pokeblock.

"Well, this is interesting. I guess i got Shiro then."
He turned to say hello and get to know her alittle better.
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