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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

OOC: Woah! GotinTyiGoto not so fast! Yes you can introduce the bad guys here but no-one can be kidnapped least not until tomorrow. Just take it slowly okay? We'll do it one person at a time at my signal so it seems their being sneaky. Just wait for everyone else to catch up a little.

IC: Shiro looked up to see a boy standing next to her. "Hey." She said, putting the object with a number on it down on the table and standing up. " I'm Shiro. These are my pokemon." Making sure no teachers were looking, she found her pokeballs and clicked the buttons on them, letting the pokemon out. "From left to right: Twitch the Zigzagoon, Shadow the Absol and Kiba the Houndoom. The pokemon greeted the boy in their own ways, Twitch hopping on the desk to get a better look at him, Kida sniffing him cautiously and Shadow mumbling approvingly. "So you're Johnny, Huh? An Eevee, Charmeleon and Swampert team is pretty well balanced." Shiro waved to Howl, who reluctantly came over and stood with her ninetails beside her cousin. "Hi. I'm Howl and this is Kyuubi." She said plainly, scratching Kyuubi behind the ears. "I also have Tyo, a poochyena, and Kaisa, my Absol." Shiro put out her hand to shake Johnny's and Howl picked a book out of her bag and started to read, leaning against the desk.

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