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Default Re: The Unofficial PMD2 Thread

Originally Posted by Orange_Flaaffy View Post
I hate how they let you *see* the extra money, it's like rubbing it in your face :P.
"Ooooh? You want your $200.00? Too bad, here's $20 :\!"
By the way, I always wondered, what age do you think the heros are? I have heard some people say they are 10-12, but I think that is just fandom talking...
Tell me about it I'm also bummed that I cant' find a lot of yellow gummis unless I take gummi missions. The escort missions, haven't had a problem. but I really like the part that you can send your recruited Pokemon home without any worries of losing it in the dungeon or using Escape orb. That part makes me very happy.

I also advise take your time. Not sure if a 3rd game to Diamond/Pearl will be released, nor if they rewrite Gold Silver Crystal. Hey, I was able to push DIamond for nearly 8 months and just got to Pearl when this game got released. Also got a Blue Version of Dungeon to keep my Raichu/Meganium alive since Red version died.

Trainer 17, don't worry about Chatot. When you finish the story, revenge will be a 'snap' when you get to kick the Chatot and his fat little weasel friend Wigglytuff in a graduation from the academy battle. Man, I can't wait. I'm purposely jacking my team up so I can smack Chatot/Wigglytuff on one hit from my Discharge and they'll know who their daddy is. They will learn a very bad lesson that hording my money and making me struggle will be PAYBACK!
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