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Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yes, the scyther was going to reappear later in the story. (Her name isn't found out until the next chapter.)

And I'm sorry everyone, but I really can't continue this. I don't know if I'll post the other chapters that I have because well, I don't know if I'll be able to write any more chapters. I've just been really depressed lately and that's stopped me from writing, and I don't think it's going to end any time soon. I haven't been able to finish chapter 22, and I realized that I just can't go on with this now.

Again I'm really sorry, I have many ideas for this and I don't want to quit, but I really just can't go on. However I will still read other people's stories, so don't worry, I'm not leaving. I might post some of the other finished chapters if anyone wants me to, but it just might take a while for me to check and fix mistakes.
Oh don't worry! Take your time and don't stress yourself. You do this for fun and if you can't write anymore, then don't write. Though, if you really want to continue the story, then I'm sure you'll continue it, no matter how long it will take!
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