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Default Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

Originally Posted by Roxas13 View Post
I have the cloud mod and my brother is using the old snake mod.Do you have the game?
Yup, bought it day one. I expected a good single player campaign lol. Like, something similar to Gears, using map layouts and working them into levels with story.

I don't play it much anymore though... Just whenever new mods come out.

^^^ Best PE2K ad ever.

[14/05/10 1:18:10 AM] Mitch: kenny
[14/05/10 1:18:12 AM] Mitch: real talk
[14/05/10 1:18:15 AM] Mitch: if we were both single
[14/05/10 1:18:16 AM] Kenny: sure

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