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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

OOC: when are we supposed to be captured and fused with the legendary DNA?

IC: Johnny was awoken by the rays of sunlight that came from behind his curtain. He yawned as he stood up. Releasing his other pokemon so they could get ready, he began his daily ritual of getting ready for school. Today was the first day of school of a new year. He saw his pokemon run downstairs for their breakfast. He shook his head with a smile as he saw them leave. By the time he was ready, his pokemon were downstairs waiting for him, so they could go. Johnny grabbed his breakfast and set off for school.

Upon arriving, he saw in his schedule that he had battle class first. When he entered the huge coloseum that was the batte classroom, his jaw dropped. Swampert, Eevee, and Charmeleon were all excited. Johnny saw two students and the teacher already getting ready for class. There had been one more student, but he had run off. He approached the teacher and she motioned for him to get a number. He picked out a number 7.
"Lucky number 7" he said to himself. He and his pokemon walked to the other two students and introduced himself.
"My name is Johnny and these are my pokemon Eevee, Charmeleon, and Swampert," he said with a smile on his face.
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