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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

Seeing a beautiful bellossom dance toward her, Shiro smiled and offered it a pokeblock. Then both the students noticed the teacher. the pokemon motioned for her to go to the table and then waved for Howl. Howl silently stood up, following her cousin and the pokemon to the table. 'Shiro Kiraiya.' wrote Shiro in her bubbly handwriting. Howl wrote her name rather messily, but deciding to make it look a bit nicer by giving the H and the L charizard wings. They each picked a number and sat back down. Shiro smiled as she saw she had the number 88. Looking at it from the side on she smiled as she thought Double Infinity for me!. Howl picked 9 and showed it to her ninetails, Who was called Kyuubi. He smiled and gestured at his tails proudly.

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