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Default ~The Family Secret~ [SIGN-UPS]

~The Family Secret~

You are a member of an extensive, luxurious, ancient Pokemon Family: The PE2Ks. To become a 'full-fledged Pokemon' in the eyes of your family, you need to figure out your Family's Secret.

This secret is quite extensive, so much that you need wits to figure it out! There will be a [image] board, with markings like "-M" or "+E" or "A", and empty, blank spots. These spots need [image] clues to be placed in them.

To receive an image clue, you must answer a trivia question. Whoever gets it correctly first gets 2 Points on the scoreboard. That person gets the board, with the new clue on it, PMed to them. They then have 24 hours after seeing it to try and work it out, and PM me back what it means. If they do this, they win 2 additional points. If they don't, I post the board openly in the thread, and everyone gets to think about what it means. [You shouldn't post what you think the clue is, though!]

Until all the clues have been distributed one way or another, we will continue this process. At the end, there will be 2 prizes awarded! One for participation and one for solving the Family Secret. [Participation is the most points!]

What is the Family Secret?

Pokemon you are:
Do you agree to the rules, and do you agree to be active?

I will leave sign-ups until Wednesday, April 14th, 2004.
There is no maximum of players, either!
[MANY thanks to Dark Absol, because he is the artist for this whole thing. He is the one that is doing all the images, and the prize, too.]

If you don't understand +M, -E, +MA, -ERT stuff, then here are examples to help further.
EXAMPLE1: +MA and (Twisted Treecko's avatar) = MATT
EXAMPLE2: (a picture of a person with a fever) - F = EVER
If you have more questions, or you don't udnerstand, contact me via IM / PM.

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