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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

Sierra walked into the Battle Classroom for the second time. she looked in and saw two people already in there. She went to the side closet and opened it up. "Huh...i might need some help with these!" She took a step back and threw her 3 pokeballs realsing her Venomoth, Bellomsom and Machamp. Machamp grabed two tables and put them next to the front door. Venomoth took a sign and hung it up above the front door explaining that all the new students needed to sign in on the sheet on the tables. next to the sign up sheet, was a bowl of numbers. Each student was to pick a number and wait for further instructions in the classroom. Bellomsom wasn't given a task so she danced her way over to the two trainers already in the room. She motioned them over to the tables and happily danced her way back.
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