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Default Re: High School Warrior (pokemon RP)

Howl awoke early, sitting up as soon as the sun had risen. At dawn she crept out of the house without waking her parents or Shiro, her cousin. She let out her three trusted partners, a small but feisty poochyena, a calm and solitary ninetails and a quick-footed absol. They prepared for training, but being so excited about school they couldn't concentrate and had to give up. The next thing they knew was the sun was shining brightly and Shiro was shaking her awake. "Howl! We're late, we're late!" Shiro yelled, her pokemon energetic as usual. Mounting their absols and Howl returning her other pokemon, they set off toward the school, making it just in time.
"Honestly, Howl. Why get up at the crack of dawn when you have to be awake for school?!" Sighed Shiro as they rode into the building and round the corridors. They entered the Battle Classroom, a massive arena even the gym leaders would be jealous of. Howl sat at the back of the stadium and Shiro jumped around a bit before sitting at the front. "Early?" Shiro said to herself, pocketing her pokeballs and returning her absol. Howl yawned and returned absol and let out ninetails, who sat beside her letting her stroke his head.

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