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Default Re: The D/P AR Code Listings Thread

Originally Posted by grievous is king View Post
Ok i need you try this for me, activate the code when you enter spear pillar activate the code by holding L+R at the same time then let go. Exit spear pillar and come back in and head over to were palkia normally is and tell me if he can be seen there (as in he's there and you can see him). I got that code to work once for battling Diagla, but it did not work but later on I discovered it had but I am not sure how I made it work.
I will once I get my Cresselia. ^^

EDIT: Worked just fine for me. O_o Caught a Jolly Shiny Palkia. ^^

EDIT EDIT: Anyone knows the code for battling Spirtomb at the Hallowed Tower, as well as how to activate it?
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