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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Originally Posted by Shadow Eevee View Post
You stole my idea! Jk
Just wondering, are you a Mario fan, too?

Game: Mario Series
How to unlock: Battle and win 500 games in Delfino Plaza as Mario, Peach, Luigi, or Yoshi. Blooper will challenge you.

B Right/ Left: Squirts water on opponents.
B down: Squirts ink on opponents.
B up: Slap opponents with tentacles.

Dark Red, Blue, and Green.
yeah i like mario games and i have another charcater

Name: Dry Bones
Game: Mario Series
How to unlock: Beat Classic on intense 5 times with bowser mario luigi or peach and Dry Bones will challenge you


B: Bone throw
B/Up: Bone Club (similar to ikes aether)
B/Down: Shell Spin (like what squirtle does
B Left Right: Mega Bone

FS: Bone Army

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