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Default Re: Ref Log Thing

I asked for one of the battles to log this :|

Violet Gym Match!
Leader Smurf vs Challenger BryceBoy10

3 vs 3
No Items[Helds Allowed]
Normal Terrain

Josh - Jumpluff, Staraptor, Skarmory
Bryce - Persian, Infernape, Crobat

Jumpluff did some damage to Persian making Bryce switch it out. It then set up during the switch, slept Infernape, and set up some more. Bryce got lucky on Sleep Talk, getting Flamethrower in the Sun with Blaze activated, OHKOing it. Staraptor came in and beat Infernape, but swas slept by Persian. Persian KO'd it but died of Toxic. Skarm>Crobat gg

Josh - 2000 defends gym
Bryce - 1000
Me - 1500
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