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Ch.4) A New Partner

Jack lay under a tree with Houndour. It was mid-day in Pallet Town and Jack had just got done doing some field work for Professor Oak. It had been 6 months since Jack had given up his hope of being a Pokemon master.

“Well Houndour, I figure we could back to Oak and see if he needs anything.” Jack stood up and dusted off his jeans. Houndour stood up, yawned, and shook the dead grass out of his short black glossy coat. Jack grabbed his things and began to trudge over toward the Pokemon lab. He entered the building and was almost knocked down by a lab assistant rushing out of the door.

“I’m very sorry! We have a small crisis on our hands!” With that the bespectacled assistant burst out of the door and towards Route 1.

Jack turned towards Professor Oak and raised an eyebrow. “What was that about?” Jack set his stuff down on a nearby table and rummaged through his things to grab some of his notes for Professor Oak.

“Actually Professor Pinewood and I were watching an extremely rare group of Chikorita just outside of Route 1. Everything was going well but now they’re slowly disappearing. The original group of 40 has dwindled to about 12.”

Jack walked over to the Professor to hand him his notes on some Eevee he had been watching. “Any ideas why?”

“Well the only clue we have is some odd looking pokeballs,” Professor Oak pulled some pictures out of a desk “As you can see they’re solid black…”

Jack stopped listening to the Professor. His blood ran cold because before Oak had even said a single word Jack knew exactly who was behind the Chikorita. There was only person who would use that kind of Pokeball and it was the man who killed his Charmander.

“I want to go find him Professor. I know exactly who did it and I want to handle it.”

Professor Oak looked up and gave him a funny look. “You said you never wanted to fight with Pokemon again. Does this mean you’re going to become a trainer again?”

“No, I’ve already told you I’m done with that quest. This is just one last thing I need to do before I become a full fledged aide to you. Come on Houndour.” Jack walked out the door with Houndour by his side and out into Pallet Town.

“Oak said everything was happening on Route 1 so I assume that’s where we should go.” Jack looked down at Houndour and Houndour looked back. Jack could tell Houndour was ready to go on an adventure and together they set out.

Jack and Houndour were perched in a blind just outside of the grassy area of route 1. The professor from the lab had left the field long ago deciding that whoever had been stealing the Chikorita weren’t going to show up. Jack was not so naive.

“Are you ready to fight just in case Houndour?” Houndour looked up and grunted in assurance. “This could potentially be Houndour’s first battle,” Jack thought to himself “Sure he’s fought wild pokemon but nothing of this caliber…”

Suddenly a strange man wandered into the field with some sort of cannon tucked under his arm. This was obviously the man that had been stealing the Chikorita but it wasn’t who Jack expected. This man wore the same silver trench coat but he wasn’t bald. Instead he had long black hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Jack tore out of the blind followed closely by Houndour. “Stop now!!!” Jack skidded to a stop as Houndour bounded in front ready to battle.

‘Who are you?” The man pulled a pokeball out from under his coat. “As if it matters. Go Raticate!”

A large rat exploded from the pokeball. It was covered in tan fur and stood on two legs. Jack pulled out his Pokedex:

Raticate the mouse pokemon. It whittles its constantly growing fangs by gnawing on hard things. It can chew apart cinder walls. Its super fang attack is quite formidable.

“Alright Houndour lets start this. Use bite.” Houndour lunged fangs bared at the Raticate. He got a good mouthful of Raticate’s tail and hung on for dear life.

“Raticate use seismic toss to throw the pipsqueak off!” Raticate jumped into the air and swung his tail directly at the ground. Houndour lost his grip and was sent flying into the ground. The dog found the surface of the earth with a bone shattering collision. Dust kicked up everywhere and Jack lost sight of Houndour.

“My, my that was over quickly. It was rather silly of you to challenge an Alpha elite such as me. You should have known better child.”

“You don’t have much faith in my Houndour do you? Houndour stay in the dust so Raticate can’t see you.” Houndour barked to let Jack know he got his order.

“Raticate use focus energy, wait for Houndour to appear, and then use super fang!” Raticate stepped back from the dust he had created and began to charge up energy.

“Houndour jump out of the dust and use flamethrower!” Houndour jumped straight up into the air with a huge ball of fire in its mouth. Once he found Raticate he let loose a huge stream of fire. It hit Raticate head on and the giant rat got knocked into the grass.

“Raticate won’t go down so easily. Raticate submission!” Raticate went running full speed at Houndour picked it up and threw it into a nearby tree. Houndour appeared down and out.

“Houndour get up I know you’ve got some more left in you!” Houndour shakily got up on all fours wincing in pain. “Houndour finish this! Fire Spin!” A huge arc of fire came spewing from Houndour’s mouth and created a vortex around the Raticate. The Raticate screeched in pain and once the fire spin let up, lay sprawled on the ground unconscious.

“Pathetic pokemon…Handle this!” The Alpha elite pulled another pokeball off his belt and Jack was horrified.

“Houndour can’t last through another battle. He’s drained from the first one.” Jack looked over at the little dog who was panting out of sheer exhaustion. “This can’t be happening again…”

The elite started to throw the second pokeball when suddenly a vine whip shot up and knocked the ball away. “What the…?” Jack looked down and saw a little green pokemon standing on all fours with a large leaf protruding from its forehead. It was a Chikorita.

“Stupid little pests... doesn’t mater anyway seeing as the boss already got what he needed out of the first batch I brought in. They’re caged up just outside of Viridian City if you want them.” Then the elite pulled a little silver pellet off his belt and flung it at the ground. There was a large crack and then purple smoke spewed all over the place. By the time the smoke cleared the man had vanished.

“Well it’s too bad he got away…” Jack looked over and saw his tired Houndour trotting over to him “You probably need a break don’t you?” Jack pulled Houndour’s pokeball off his belt and shot a stream of pure red energy at the dog. Houndour disappeared into the pokeball.

Jack started to walk back towards Pallet Town to let Professor Oak know that the Chikorita were safe when he felt a tug at the hem of his jeans. He looked down and saw the Chikorita that had saved the day was trying to get his attention. “Do you want to travel with me little guy?” The Chikorita chirped happily. Jack threw out a pokeball and it landed at the grass pokemon’s feet. Chikorita hit the catch button with his leaf and disappeared in a flash of white light. The ball rocked once, twice, and then PING! Chikorita was caught.

Jack happily picked up Chikorita’s pokeball. He couldn’t help but smile as he headed back toward Pallet Town. Maybe his dream of becoming a master wasn’t quite done yet.

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