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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Knuckle Joe! Unlock him by beating Classic mode with Kirby on Intense.

VB: Double Kick, spins a little like Kirby's dsmash (damaging) and fires a small energy projectile in the direction Joe was facing.
B: Smash Punch. Two hitboxes, one is his actual fist and other is the projectile afterwards, fittingly fist shaped.
>B: Leg Sweep, slides forward kicking like Falcon Kick. The effect is the same in midair.
^B: Spin Kick, flips up with a hitbox on his foot like Shuttle Loop, comes down like aerial Falcon Kick, and sends a small projectile afterwards like Final Cutter.
Jab Combo: I don't even need to say it.
Up Throw: Kirby's/MK's Suplex.
Forward Throw: Arm Throw from KSS.
Back Throw: Tamoe/Overhead Throw from KSS.
Final Smash: Rising Break. Massive OHKO uppercut.
kioku: Is Zapdos your only thing to switch in for Earthquake?
iluvluvdisc: skymin
kioku: Skymin doesn't seem very bulky.

brawlin': 5069-3607-4841

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