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Ch.3) What Happened?

After a long rest Jack’s eyes finally fluttered open. Up above him he saw a solid white ceiling with bright lights. He tilted his head over to the side and saw a pure white curtain and several machines.

“Where am I and why do I have such a splitting headache?” Jack asked himself. He lay back down onto the soft pillow and attempted to recollect what had happened.

Suddenly a big pink head appeared above him. “Chansey!” Jack was so startled he attempted to roll out of his bed. Searing pain ripped through his chest and shoulder and he immediately lay back down.

“You should really take it easy.” Said a nurse walking over to tend to Jack. She had bright pink hair and a white nurse’s uniform adorned with a red cross. “You had quite the puncture wound there not to mention the bites all up and down your arm.”

For the first time Jack noticed several bruises all over his forearm. “I assume these were from the Houndour?”

“No I don’t believe so. According to the Cerulean paramedics you were being attacked by Mightyena when they arrived on the scene.” The nurse then turned away and began rooting around for some thing in a steel drawer. “You’re quite lucky, you know? Had it not been for that fire no one would’ve ever arrived on the site.”

It all started to come back to Jack now. The fire, the battle, and the man. “Were any of my things recovered?”

The nurse turned around and opened a compartment. “Some things were. Just a single pokeball, a pokedex, and an empty knapsack.” The nurse handed Jack his things.

“So my pokemon is okay?” Jack picked up the pokeball and looked at it.

“Oh yes. He was completely unharmed. We already did a full check-up and he’s in fighting shape.”

Jack couldn’t help but smile. “Thank god. I was afraid I had lost Charmander for good.” Jack pressed the release button and the white light erupted from the pokeball.

Jack expected to see a small orange lizard but in its place stood a small black dog-like pokemon. Jack was bewildered. “Where’s my Charmander?”

“Charmander? The only pokemon found near you was this Houndour.” The nurse gave Jack a funny look. “Is this not your Houndour?”

The Houndour looked up at Jack. He half expected it to bite him but there was only a look of curiosity in his eyes. “No its mine…” Jack didn’t really want to go into details about the night before “But there was a Charmander with me also.”

The nurse looked concerned. “Do you have any idea where it could’ve gone? I wouldn’t recommend it in your condition but some of the officials are still here. You could go looking for it.”

Jack nodded. He immediately set up and ignored the pain in his shoulder. “I’ve got to go find him. He’s out there I just know it.”

The nurse was very understanding. “I’ll go down and let one the officials know about your circumstances.”

Jack pulled a pair of faded jeans on and pulled a blue polo over his head. He ran his fingers through his hair. He picked up his pokedex and threw it into the knapsack. He then picked his new Houndour’s pokeball up off the bed.

“Would you like to hang with me from now on Houndour?” The Houndour walked over to him and set at his feet. “Alright then. First we need to go find Charmander though.” Jack held out the pokeball and returned Houndour. He clipped the ball to his belt and then walked out of the hospital room.

A gruff man in a police uniform walked up to him. He was tall, broad shouldered, and sported a bristly mustache. “Nurse Joy told me a young boy needed help finding his pokemon. Are you Jack?”

“Yes sir. I last saw Charmander approximately 5 miles outside of Viridian City.”


Jack and the police officer were searching all throughout the woods. “Son I have seen neither hide nor hair of a Charmander. I’m fixing to have to pack up.”

Jack ignored the police officer and continued searching. It was impossible to pick out any landmarks. The blaze had destroyed the majority of the trees and grass. Jack was beginning to realize that Charmander had probably run into the trees.

“I’m going to check in the woods. I understand if you want to go but I’m going to keep searching.” Jack then pulled a pokeball off his belt. He was going to need some help.

“Go Houndour!” The small dog pokemon looked up at Jack waiting for a command. “I think the police officer is going to head back into town and I can’t search alone. I need you to help me look through these woods.” Houndour nodded and took off through the underbrush.

“Well son I believe I need to get back into Viridian. Good luck.” The officer put a large hand on Jack’s shoulder and then marched off.

Jack entered the forest and began looking around. Suddenly something caught Jack’s eye. It was a rather large clearing and there was something lying in the middle of it.

Jack’s heart was caught in his throat. “Could this be Charmander?” he wondered. As he entered the clearing he walked over to the small figure. It was his Charmander he knelt down next to it and tried to rouse it.

“Charmander?” Jack pushed on Charmander’s side “Charmander?” He was getting distressed. Jack looked down and with horror realized that the flame on Charmander’s tail had gone out. Charmander was dead.


Jack walked out of the Pallet Town pokemon lab with his Houndour by his side. Charmander’s remains would be taken care of Professor Oak. There was a stony silence as the wind blew through the small rural town. “I can’t believe I let my best friend die…”

Jack walked over to a bench facing the sea. As he looked out on the watery plain Jack contemplated what would become of him and his dream of masterhood.

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