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Default Jack's Quest

This was originally designed to only be a three chapter story but the feedback was so good and I enjoyed writing it so much I've lengthened it into a fullfledged adventure fic. Feedback and rating is much appreciated since this is my first true fic. Hope you enjoy

Ch. 1.) The Beginning

It was daybreak on Cinnabar Island. The sun had just risen and the pidgey and tailow had just begun to stir. There was a small home on the east coast of the island where everyone appeared to be sleeping. Suddenly there was a large crash from deep inside the home.

“Crap…” a boy with messy dark hair muttered. The boy himself had woken up at the crack of dawn to get ready for his trip to Pallet Town and was quite frankly making a mess of things. In desperate search for clothes he had accidentally pulled down a set of shelves.

“JACK! WHY MUST YOU DEPRIVE ME OF SLEEP?” yelled a tired, middle aged woman from another bedroom. The woman attempted to stay angry at the boy but couldn’t force herself to. “He is going to become trainer today after all. He has every right to be excited.” She thought to herself as she rolled out of bed. “Just like his father…” she said to herself. Once the woman was dressed she walked down the hall and looked into her son’s bedroom. He was pulling a red vest on over a black shirt.

“Hey mom…” The boy said sheepishly “I didn’t mean to wake you this morning.” His mom nodded with understanding. The boy smiled and then grabbed a belt off the dresser and fastened it around his waist.

“Sooooooooo…when are we heading out?” Jack asked his mother.

“Do you need Breakfast?”

"Nah I’m fine Mom. I’d rather get a move on.”

“Well if you’re sure.” The woman then moved across the room and hugged the boy. “Just don’t grow up too much while you’re gone.”


Professor Oak was busily working in his lab on a bright sunny morning. Happily humming some miscellaneous tune he trotted across the room to open up a window. Once he reached the pane of glass he stopped. Just making ground on the south coast of the island was a woman and a boy atop a huge blue tortoise, with what appeared to be cannons coming out of its shell.

“Hmmmm…a Blastoise coming from Cinnabar…”The professor said aloud “That can only be Stan’s wife and son.”

The gray haired professor took his white lab coat off, cleaned his glasses, and walked outside to greet the visitors.

“Ahhh April it’s so good to see you and is this Jack? Last I saw him he was this big.” The professor held out his hand to shake the young boy’s hand.

“It’s wonderful to see you again.” Said the boy’s mom.

The woman returned the Blastoise to a pokeball on her hip and then she and her son followed the professor into the lab. The lab was covered in vials of odd liquids and machines making various noises. Oddly the professor led them past all the weird equipment and into a relatively plain room. It had a computer at the back of the room a steel set of drawers and a single table with three pokeballs setting on it in the middle of the room.

“Now Jack to begin your adventure I must set you off with a pokemon” began the professor “Inside each one of these pokeballs is a pokemon. On the left we have the fiery, brave Charmander. In the middle we have the bubbly, loyal Squirtle, and on the far right we have the grassy, kind Bulbasaur.”

The boy thought long and hard. “Mom started out with a Squirtle and look how powerful her Blastoise is” he thought. “And Dad started out with a Bulbasaur and look how respected he is but neither one seem right for me.” The boy sat and thought for a few moments more and then finally settled. “I’ll take the Charmander.” He concluded.

“Ahhh excellent choice young Jack.” Said the professor and his mother beamed. “Now Jack in exchange for this Pokemon I need you to do something for me.”

“Yes professor?”

"It has long since been my goal to catalogue each and every pokemon that has ever existed into a catalogue” the professor began walking over to the steel drawers “This is what we call a Pokedex. It automatically records data on any and all pokemon you encounter. If you travel far and wide eventually it should fill up” The professor pulled out a red object that looked vaguely like Nintendo DS and handed it to Jack “I’m entrusting you with this goal in hopes that you will solve some secrets of the Pokemon world. Good luck Jack.” The professor reached out and shook Jack’s hand and soon after his mom cam over and hugged him.

“Well I guess I’d better head off.” Jack said to his mother and the professor and quickly walked out the door eager to start his journey.
After Jack had walked a few feet out the door he decided to let his Charmander out for a walk. He unhinged the pokeball at his belt and pressed the catch button. A huge white light exploded and suddenly in its place stood a small orange lizard with a flame at the end of its tail. “Well now Charmander should we head towards Viridian City?” The little lizard nodded its head eager to start a journey with its new trainer. The duo had walked a while when it began to get dark. “We better hurry Charmander. We don’t wanna be stuck out in the wild at dark.” Charmander nodded in agreement and held its tail out in front to give them light to see by.

“Hand it over!” yelled a voice from somewhere in the dark. Jack wheeled to see who it was.

“What?” Jack asked in response as Charmander walked to his side.

"Hand over your Pokemon now or face dire consequences.” The voice’s body suddenly came into view. It was an oddly tall man He was bald but had piercing dark eyes like a shark’s. He was wearing a silver full length trench coat with a large A on the front. “I would hate to have to hurt you or you Pokemon should you not comply.”

To be continued...

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