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Default Re: Shedinja or Ninjask?

Originally Posted by 5hours View Post
My Nincada is on level 18 right now, and soon it will evolve in a Ninjask or Shedinja.
I kind of already decided to evolve it into a Shedinja, since it looks quite cool,
though it only has 1 HP..

So, what would you evolve a Nincada in, and please explain why.

And some help needed with this please;
I read somewhere that, let's say you want your Shedinja to have Sword Dance,
you have to train your Nincada till the level it learns Sword Dance, and then you can evolve it to Shedinja. How is that possible when it must evolve at 20?

Or is is true that when a Pokémon evolves on level 20, and you cancel it, and then level it up to 21, it tries to evolve again?

Lots of question, but please help :)
You can get both... just evolve nincada with an open spot in your party. The nincada will evolve into Ninjask, and Shedninja will show up in the empty spot.