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Default High School Warrior (pokemon RP- open again)

you are a trainer and you live in a region that is supposedly guarded by the three legendary dogs. you can go to school and when you graduate you can become a trainer, coordinator, breeder etc. while you're still in school, you hear about a shady group who are capturing many legendary pokemon and fusing their DNA with children's DNA. You realise you are under threat from this gang and so does your school. as well as continuing your studies you are trained to fight, given the options( you can chose two) to be a Ninja, doctor, spy, elite defence etc and the most talented trainers can become Guardians( using psychic pokemon). you can have 3 pokemon only but you can catch more if you put them in the computer storage boxes straight away. If you want to, you can allow yourself to be captured and have your DNA fused with a legendary pokemon's but this has a very high death rate.

Members who actually post here:
Poke123 -Johnny
Saiha-Howl, Shiro
GotinTyiGoto- Gotin, Tyi

please check the SU thread i made for all the details.

P.S at the end everyone will be allowed three legendary eggs to raise as your own( the eggs could have been rescued but the pokemon won't accept them back...). I hope this one will be good.

This roleplay is now officially open!Yayy!

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