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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

Chapter 10: The Three Powers

“Oh, my head…feels like I’ve been hit by a rock.” Jirachi’s face creased and he groaned. “Xatu, what happened to Deoxys?”

Although he’d asked this same question over ten times now, he still hoped for a different answer.

“Vanished.” The green bird replied again.

Vanished…Jirachi thought, where to? Then he remembered something he hadn’t asked. “The girl!” Jirachi sat bolt upright, a startled expression on his face. “Where is she? Is she okay? Is--”

“Fine,’ Xatu said impatiently, cutting Jirachi off. “And you need your rest.” He gently placed a wing on Jirachi and lowered him back onto the bed.

“But I don’t want to rest! I want to help, to fight! What use am I if I can’t do that?”

“You can think,” Xatu said calmly, “Prepare, and heal.”

“But that’s no fun,” Jirachi muttered under his breath. “I’ve had more fun cleaning up after Muk.” He looked up to see Xatu staring at the sun again. I don’t think he’s all there. The sun must have messed up his mind.

“I heard that.” Xatu answered, frowning.

Jirachi cringed. I forgot he could read my thoughts!

“I see lots of things,” Xatu whispered. “But the fate of Pokemon isn’t one of them.”

Jirachi raised an eyebrow. Was something wrong with Xatu? He had been different lately and teleporting Pokemon probably didn’t make it any easier. Putting a hand behind his head, Jirachi slowly sat up. “Xatu, is there something wrong? Can I help?”

The psychic bird turned round, but what he saw wasn’t Xatu. Well, it was, but…different. Pale, ragged feathers clung to him and he seemed to be breathing rather heavily. The bird gave a wry smile. “I’m just a bit sick, that’s all.”

Jirachi simply wouldn’t take this in. “But look at you! Um sorry, but it’s true! Xatu, you need help! I’ll go get Blissey. She’s an excellent healer and--”

“NO!” Xatu’s voice rang across the canyon and Jirachi stopped, startled.

“Xatu…” He murmured.

“It’s just my time. I have to go.”

“Wait! Go? Go where?” Jirachi stood up and had to put a hand on a rock to steady himself.

“Above.” Xatu replied. His body flickered and began to fade.

“Wait! What do I do?” Jirachi called out. “I need your help!”

“Seek the legendary Pokemon--”


Xatu glared. “I wasn’t finished! Seek The Three Powers, Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit. Only they may be able to help you now…”

Xatu’s body flickered again then lurched upwards towards the sky. He was gone.
Jirachi didn’t take his eyes off the place where Xatu had vanished. “Is he, he…” Somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to say the word ‘dead’.

Jirachi slowly flew to the edge of the canyon and reached out a hand. A tingling vibe was flowing through the air, but a moment later it seemed to disappear. Like Xatu.
“How, how could he leave? I don’t know where those Pokemon are! I have to ask someone. Oh, if only Xatu was here!” Jirachi clenched his hands and glared at the sky.

Why leave me with this task?! His gritted teeth began to hurt. Anger flowed through him like a red hot flame. “Grrrrr, Xatu!” Jirachi’s voice echoed and sent a flock of nearby Starly fleeing for the sky. Good. He thought angrily, crossing his arms. A noise from behind startled the little Pokemon and he turned.

“I’m sorry…but I couldn’t help but overhear your dilemma.” A small Riolu stood watching with interest, from a tall tree.

“Help?” Jirachi murmured. Wait, maybe she can help me!

The Riolu smiled. “I know someone, maybe, who could help.”

Jirachi flew over to the Pokemon and landed in front of it.

“Oh, I’m Sierra by the way.” She held out a paw and Jirachi shook it.

“Glad to meet you. I’m--”

“I know who you are,” Sierra replied. “Jirachi the Wishmaker.” His face grew stunned. Sierra noticed, but just smiled. “To make a wish would be wonderful.” She murmured excitedly. Her voice was almost like a song, but it was fierce too.

“Wishes don’t always help.” Jirachi lowered his head. They can’t bring back those who are gone…

The Riolu stared at him. “What wishes can’t do, I will!” She smiled and clenched her paws.

“You…you want to come with me?” Jirachi asked.

“It’s a long way,” Sierra answered, raising a paw and dragging it across the sky. “I thought you might like some company.”

He grinned. “Then let’s make a team! To help those in need along the way.”

“Oh, a team?” Sierra’s face furrowed. She seemed to be thinking. “Okay then, how about Team Starfire?”

Jirachi looked in wonder and nodded. “Yes! For our ambition!”

“And for the stars who guide us.” Sierra added.

Jirachi grinned. “Perfect! Team Starfire…Let’s go!” Then he stopped. “Where are we going?”

Sierra paced in front of the tree and stopped to look at Jirachi. “We must find…Alakazam. His IQ is unmatched. He’ll know where those Pokemon are!”

Jirachi nodded silently and took a last look at where Xatu had vanished. And while I’m there, I’ll ask what happened to him. “Okay!” Jirachi said fiercely, “Let’s go find Alakazam!”

“Right,” Sierra smiled. “He lives off the coast of Matuna Valley in Psycrave Wood,” She paused and frowned. “I think it’s west of here, so the closest town we’ll pass is Shale. So let’s start there and gather some information while we’re at it. If we wait until night, we can follow the Western Star and that should lead us right to Shale.”

Jirachi stood in awe at the Riolu’s intellect. “How in the name of Arceus do you know all this?”

“Oh!” She started and turned red. “My father…We live in an observatory. While I grew up I studied maps and star charts. I’m finally glad it can come in use.” She turned hurriedly and started for the cliff path.

Jirachi gave a slight smile and followed, thinking just how fortunate he was to run into someone who could help him.


Deoxys paced the floor of the cavern with twitching tentacles. “How did that Pikachu escape me?!” He smashed the wall with an arm and made a Pokemon jump.
Deoxys continued without a thought. “If Aggron didn’t work…and now Balian exposed…by that Elekid!” He threw another arm into the wall.

The Absol jumped at the shockwave, but didn’t take her eyes off her master.

“My patience is wearing thin, Scythe. Too many times have I been foiled! By Jirachi, that girl and now the Elekid! Wasn’t I meant to succeed?” He stopped pacing and eyed Scythe coldly.

She shrank back and grimaced. “No, my lord! Your plans are unmatched! It’s just…if you put me in charge of an operation, then--”

“WHAT!?” Deoxys thundered, causing Scythe to recoil and start babbling.

“Well, perhaps I could visit an old friend?” She paused and cocked her head to the left cautiously.

Deoxys raised an arm to his mouth and smiled maliciously. “Scythe, that could work…”

As Deoxys began pacing again, Scythe sighed in relief and collapsed on the floor. She eyed him warily and frowned.

Deoxys turned. “Go now to Likera, Scythe,” He paused. “And take the bird with you. I have a feeling our friend still has a weak spot for him.”

Scythe jumped up and nodded hastily. “As you wish, my lord.” She bounded to a nearby hole and called through it. “Raze! You’re needed! Accompany me to Likera at once! The master wishes it.”

A slight whoosh sounded from within the hole. A moment later, a Taillow burst through and landed lightly upon the floor. He paced up to Scythe and tapped his wing, then his chest. Scythe smiled and nodded slowly.

Raze grinned. “So, we’re going to see and old friend of mine, hmmm? Well, I hope he makes me welcome.” He narrowed his cold gaze and fixed it on Deoxys. “When should we leave?”

“At once. I have to wish to dally with preparations. It will not be needed.” He waved an arm to dismiss them both.

Raze turned and spread his wings, taking to the sky to follow Scythe through the mountain pass.

“I wish to see my dear brother,” He sneered in a false, sweet voice. “And this time, I shall be the one who escapes unscathed! After what he put me through, I deserve it.” Raze’s voice ended in a hiss.

Scythe looked at him in an irritated manner. “My, my, Raze. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re getting excited over this. If it makes you feel any more enlightened, I think he misses you.”

Raze glared at her. “Don’t patronise me, Absol! You started all of this, but I will end it!”

Scythe merely shrugged and walked ahead.

Raze scowled and followed her. “Time for a family reunion.” He muttered icily.

*Just a note, the next chapter may be a while due to school restarting.
Comments? Does anyone review fics anymore?

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