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Default Re: Misty's Coming Back (It's Confirmed)

Originally Posted by Orange_Flaaffy View Post
1)Anyone can edit wiki. But...

2) Anyone can delete things from wiki, so just because someone might hate Misty/ or is not able to read japanese and does believe the news and
deleted that does not mean she is not coming back but...

3) Just because she is coming back in an episode does not mean she is coming back to stay but...

4) Even if she is staying I don't think it would ruin the group to have Misty there.

5) If Dawn is not well written enough to not be eclipsed but Misty's character, then maybe it would be better if Dawn left.
I've never really liked her or May myself. (Nothing bad meant to those that do by the way)

6) And if getting rid of Dawn will bring back the real bossy side of Misty, and stop Ash from being a cardbroad cutout of himself, I am all for it

Well if they had Ash and Misty kiss eachother, I'd be convinced to let her back on. but Dawn wears a cool dress and has great legs. Course we know Ash is as dedicated as Clark Kent in doing his job in Pokemon Mastery.

Wish he'd look at Dawn though. She's starting to remind me of that old series many years ago, Pete and Pete with Ellen. There's a girl named Ellen, could be the apple of Pete's eye, but she's a girl and his friend. That's what Ash probably thinks of Dawn as just a girl and a friend. I think it's lame though for Dawn is the type of girl I"d fall in love with.
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