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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Auron
Game: Final Fantasy X
How to unlock:

1. Beat SSE on "Intensity" difficulty.
2. Unlock all characters, and win 200 Wi-Fi matches.


Regular: Swings Masamune.

Up B: Armor Break upward.
Down B: Mental Break downward.
Left/Right B: Zombie Attack in either direction.
C Stick Up: Silence Buster upward.
C Stick Down: Darkness Buster downwards.
C Stick Right/Left: Threaten in either direction.

Final Smash: Tornado: Creates a tornado, aimed at all enemies, and throws his jug into the wind, setting it ablaze.

Taunt: Drinks his Sake.

Stage: Farplane

Stage Theme: Auron's Theme

Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green.

~O-suchin the Orange~

Made By: Wisp
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