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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

Chapter 8: Fragments of the past

“Reyna?” Codan’s voice sounded shrill as he said the word.

Obviously the memory had a larger impact than I thought. Codan sighed wistfully and bade me to sit down. As I did so, I managed to catch a glimpse of his eyes. Dullness
wavered among them, and tears began to well. I watched him sadly and thought frantically of a way to comfort him, but none came. I just sat and waited, as Codan began his tale.

“When I was just a dragonling, I was taken from my home by a monster. As far as I can remember, it wasn’t a Pokemon from these parts. It brought me here, to Likera town, where I grew up.”

I marvelled at how one’s life could change so easily. “So you were an orphan?”

Codan paused. “In a way, yes. But I was taken in by another family of Dragonites. Back then, I was only a Dratini of course, but they loved me all the same.” He fumbled with a flower on the ground and continued. “I had two brothers and a sister, Reyna. Well, they weren’t really my family, but I was taught to respect them. The oldest, Marvo, was always challenging others for battles,” Codan laughed as he recalled the memory. “It usually got him into trouble most of the time. So when he went out to Meteor Mountain, my parents were really worried.”

“Why?” I asked. “It doesn’t sound scary.”

Codan gave me a wise look. “Names can often be misleading, Zanna. A monster was rumoured to be in Meteor Mountain. And Marvo being Marvo, went to challenge it. But no-one could prepare him for what was coming.”

I was captivated by the tale, and Codan now had my full attention. “What happened?”

“Well I went, of course.”

“But you were just a Dratini!” My voice sounded hoarse. How could he have tried!?

“I know,” Codan sighed. “But he was family. So when I found him I was really glad. But the rumoured monster was also there.” Codan’s eyes darted towards the ground and a single tear fell.

“Who was it?” I asked him slowly.

He looked up and stared at me. His huge eyes glistened, and as they widened, his pupils contracted until they were almost slits. A single word was uttered from his mouth, and though I didn’t know who it was, it sent the coldest shiver down my spine and made my fur stand on end. “Deoxys.” Codan hissed.

“Deoxys…” I rolled the word around on my tongue. Somehow, it felt oddly familiar…

“Marvo was no match for Deoxys,” Codan muttered, “He didn’t know his own folly when he tried.” Codan gave a wry smile, but it vanished as he said the next line. “Then Deoxys….Deoxys ATE him!”

I jumped up and gasped. “He ATE him!? But another Pokemon…why!?”

Codan stared hard at me. “You don’t understand--you don’t know Deoxys! It is pure evil! Deoxys would do anything to get his way…” He drifted off, as if deep in thought.

I lowered my head. “Even eat another Pokemon…To take someone’s life…,” I clenched my paws. “That’s not right!”

“That’s Deoxys,” Codan reasoned. “When it comes to Pokemon, right or not, he doesn’t care. As long as he gets his way.”

I hope I never meet Deoxys, I thought through clenched teeth. Or I could end up like Marvo. “But if Marvo was…you know…what happened to you?” I asked Codan. “How did you even get out?”

“Through chance,” He replied sullenly. “The PRA had come just in time. Before Deoxys could grad me, a Flygon flew in from a hole in the top of the mountain and rescued me.”

“Wow,” I murmured. “What happened to Deoxys after that?”

“He relocated to a more…fitting place.” Codan decided.

I nodded. “Where to?”

He narrowed his eyes and fixed me with a haughty expression. “You sure do ask a lot of questions, don’t you?”

I regarded him with interest. “Yes, well I ask a lot of questions when I’m intrigued.” I wondered if I was going too far with this.

“Sometimes you have to go with your intuition,” Codan replied coldly. “And other times…”

I caught the warning that hung in the air like wild, untamed fire. I lowered my head. I knew I had no right to pry into other Pokemon’s memories, but there was something about Deoxys that captivated me. Codan’s expression settled on me again.

He sighed. “After that…everyone blamed me for Marvo’s death.”

“But you had nothing to do with it!” I exclaimed. How could one’s own family do such a thing?

“I knew that and Reyna…she was the only one who believed me.”

“Then you ran away.” I guessed.

Codan nodded slowly. “As much as I hated it, I did. But it didn’t go to plan,” He gulped. “Reyna came too.”

That would have made her parents furious, I thought. To lose a son and then a daughter…

Tears were welling in Codan’s eyes. “It was the worst mistake I ever made,” He stammered. “Dragging her into that.”

I didn’t like where this was going, and I knew it ended badly.

“It wasn’t long before Reyna forgot her family. I was her new world now, and we fell in love.” At that moment, Codan’s face was like a book. It showed grief, sorrow, anger, admiration and love in one, single expression. He shook his head and stood up. “Let me tell you something, Zanna. There is one, golden rule that you should follow when you’re in a rescue team: Don’t fall in love. If you do, it only hinders yourself and everyone around you.”

I looked at my paws and clenched them. “But what if you can’t help but fall in love?”

Codan stared at me solemnly. “Then you have to do the best with what you’re given.”

It must be hard for a rescuer to do their job and have a normal life. I grimaced. I wondered if I knew what I’d gotten myself into?

“I should go now,” Codan said as he waved a paw. “You pretty much know the rest.”

I stared at him with a sorrowful face. “I…I’m so sorry…” Now I really felt bad.

Codan stopped as he put a paw on the archway. “Oh, it’s not your fault,” He turned towards the window and his eyes sparkled. “I never forgot her, you know. And…I can’t stop.”

I watched as he walked out of the room along a green, deserted hallway. What had I gotten myself into?


Jarre stood behind Lani and watched the Elekid battle with an Empoleon. Balian’s huge wings blocked an electric attack with ease. “Balian is part of our rescue team,” Lani explained without taking her eyes off the battle. “Codan and I, I mean.”

Jarre nodded and looked on with awe. They hadn’t spotted him yet, and Jarre had no desire to get any closer. He fixed them both with a cold expression. Seeing this brought back bad memories.

The Elekid raised it’s arms and readied itself into a battle stance. Balian let loose a hydro pump, but the Elekid was ready. It’s arms circled and a silver shield of light appeared in front of it. Light screen, Jarre thought.

The Elekid peered out from behind it’s arms and smirked. “You never learn.”

Before the words had even reached Balian’s ears, the steel penguin was surrounded by shockwaves the size of a lightning storm. Balian’s eyes widened in surprise as the waves blended together into an electric dragon. The Elekid’s shield was gone now; it moved it’s arms in jerking motions, controlling the dragon’s movement. Balian was under pressure now. Jarre saw him clench his teeth and narrow his eyes. While he struck a rather impressive figure, the Elekid was clearly skilled in combat. Balian twisted to face the snapping jaws of the electrified dragon.


A circular shield surrounded him; all that stood between him and the dragon. While Jarre thought that the Elekid should have been scared, it’s face remained expressionless.
Lani seemed to be thinking along the same lines. “What is he up to?” She murmured in awe.

Jarre didn’t have to wait long to find out. Faster than lightning, the Elekid punched the air with it’s paw. As if one, the dragon followed the movement and struck out towards Balian. The Empoleon raised it’s huge wings as defence, but as the dragon struck, Balian’s protect was tossed aside and the ground exploded. Rubble flew everywhere, creating a massive dust cloud.

Lani gasped. “What happened!? How could an Elekid be so powerful?”

Jarre scanned the dust cloud for a sign of movement, but all was still. The Elekid smirked again and folded his arms. As the cloud began to clear, a light shone through and pierced the arena. Jarre shielded his eyes from the blinding light. Had Balian caused it?


The Elekid raised an arm and squinted. Where is he? A sudden movement caught his eye and Balian stood in front of him; wing locked with the Elekid’s arm.

“I should have destroyed you!” Balian hissed. “An annoying whelp like you doesn’t deserve to live!”

The Elekid growled. “I know what you are! You may fool everyone else, but I see through you!”

The Empoleon reeled and hissed again. “This body is a mere puppet! I will dispose of it soon enough.” Balian’s claws grew and swiftly made their way into the Elekid’s stomach.

“Monster…” The Elekid’s face grew pale as he staggered backwards.

Balian sneered. “Oh, don’t worry. You won’t live long enough to see the corruption I unleash on this pitiful world!”

The Elekid weakly passed a paw over the three bright gashes in his stomach. “You…possessor! Hiding behind weaker foes,” He sneered meekly. “Coward!”

Balian cursed and picked up the Elekid by the throat. He hung limply and yelped as the cool wing tightened it’s grasp. “Fool! You rescuers think you can save the world, when you yourselves are doomed!”

The Elekid gave a slight gasp. “You know nothing…of loyalty!” He swung an arm round and smacked Balian cold in the face. The penguin dropped the Elekid on the ground and swaggered.

“What trickery is this!? It burns!”

“No tricks,” The Elekid murmured as he stood up weakly. “Just something you’ll never have.”

Balian’s eyes narrowed then rolled back as he fell to the ground, unblinking at the ceiling above. The dust cloud began to clear and banished the light into the darkness. The Elekid panted and looked down at his blood-stained fur. That was…not right. He must be stopped!

A gasp raised him from his thoughts and he looked up. The Houndoom’s face was shocked and wait--who was that? A small, red body had disappeared behind the dog, and he knew who it was. The Elekid glared. Jarre…

“Rye beat Balian…” The Houndoom trailed off.

Rye looked at the massive penguin that had begun to stir. I will expose you fiend, then you’ll be sorry. Rye smirked once more then crossed his arms. Loyalty…is power!

Chapter 8 up...Comments anyone?

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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