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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

*finally replies* x_x

Originally Posted by Golden_Ray View Post
I liked your fanfic so far. It's original and the description is really nice.
I'll be reading so keep it up!
Thanks and I'm glad you like it so far!

Originally Posted by PhantomKat7 View Post
First of all, kudos to you for writing about what you want with the Pokemon you want for your own enjoyment, not merely to please others. Some people jsut write to impress and they forget to just have fun while they are writing. ^^

This was brilliant everything from the plot (which I though was interesting and original), to the descsription you use in your story, to the characters (cool, white Growlithe). I could see everything happening and I could really get what is going on, you really painted a picture.

Just a little tip, maybe descsribe other Pokemon more in depth like you did Snowcrystal. Most of us know what a Murkrow looks like but a vivid description of every character will really add to the story and it will be easier for people to see what each Pokemon looks like instead of just looking up pictures to refresh their memory. Also, I saw a few typos here and there, just make sure to go over your story more slowly to pick those up. =3

I eagerly await the next chapter (don't worry, the little stories I do read, I stick to them), I love stories centered around Pokemon rather than humans, they are just funner to read. Keep up the good work, Scytherwolf! ;)

- Kat

Thanks a lot and I'm glad you like it! Hm...I should have described the murkrow more...can't believe I didn't do that. D= Thanks for the tip and I'll make sure to be more discriptive in the future. Also I thought I checked pretty carefully for typos...I guess I'll have to get better at that too^^ And I agree about the pokémon stories, I find pokémon a lot more fun to read and write about. And I'm glad you agree about the pokémon species thing, writing stories is meant to be fun after all!

Oh and I'll post the second chapter sometime tonight!

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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