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Default Re: SonicX: Dark Storm

Thank you TheDarkEevee!

The point of that was not a chapter, it was more of a summary. Like, on the back of a book (the name slips me).

Yes, Nazo was a discarded character for SonicX, and I decided to make him a villain. BUT, not any villain. Oh no, the only villain to make Sonic shake and tremble, and run away...

Since Sega never bothered to put a past behind Sonic like they did Shadow, I decided; well, hey! I'm gonna make Sonic have something evil happen in his past!

You'll never believe what he did...

As for Cami, her past is even more tragic than Shadow's. He lost two people he cared for. Cami lost an entire village. And a boyfriend. Yeah...Maybe that's why Shadow is sympathetic towards her?

Either way, I've got a lot of work cut out for me on this fan fic. I hope people won't attack me for naming my character after myself!
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