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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Anime: Gundam 00
Watched: First season, 24 episodes
ESRP rating: Teen (13+), probably.
Genre: Mecha, Political, Action

Another Gundam series! Whoohoo!

Quality of the drawings

The characters are very bishie, which is good for fangirls. And they're drawn very well. As for the Gundams...Dude, watch it in High Definition and pee in your pants as you see the Gundam flying in at you with obscene detail.



The plot starts out pretty slow at first, so if you have a short attention span, avoid. Things only start heating up around episode 10 or so, but if you don't watch the less exciting episodes first, you'll be clueless as to what is happening. At first the plot seems to be a clone of Gundam Wing, but I can assure you that it's far, far better.



The characters are too darn bishie! -tears out eyes- It's as if Gundam Wing wasn't gay enough for people. Another pilot sausagefest. Sheesh.

Disregarding any such bias, the characters are rather well-developed, with each character getting at least some development, even the non-important ones.



It's...Gundam. The plot seems to be horked straight from Wing at first, but from thereon it is very original. The characters themselves seem ripped from Wing too, with the exception of Allelujah and Tieria, methinks. The enemy mech designs are very original, though the same can't really be said for the Gundams: Then again, Gundams all look about the same every incarnation.



The problem with Gundam 00 is that it doesn't catch people with shallow minds. Gundam is all about war drama, and war drama is NOT all about guns and fighting every other episode. Other than that, if you can appreciate the deepness of plot, this is good for you.


37/50 or 7.4

Low mostly because people who don't appreciate more intellectual animes are aplenty, and thus most people won't enjoy it too much. >_>

Mons are here though

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